If you are planning a new backpacking adventure and are debating whether or not you want to stay in either hotels or hostels, here are 10 convincing reasons why hostels are absolutely the way to go…

1. You Save Money

If you are traveling on a budget, then hostels are hands down one of the best and cheapest accommodation options out there. You make it even cheaper for yourself if you have purchased a BUY hosteldeals card. With this card you will not only get 10% discount on each booking off your stay but you will also get discounts on museums, tours, rentals, food and drinks and much more.

2. Free WiFi

There was a time where hostels were known to be only very dodgy and nothing spectacular, yet due to their popularity, you are almost guaranteed to have free wi-fi in all hostels throughout the world!

3. Tips From Locals

Hostels are typically ran by locals of the area and if they are friendly (most are) you will get to gain insider tips from them on what to see, where to go and how to fill your days!

4. Make Friends

There is a high chance that you are going to meet some incredible people and fellow travelers while staying in a hostel. This is also why it is fun to stay in dorm rooms at hostels because you will be talking and chatting with everyone else who is staying there.

5. Communal Atmosphere

Although it may seem nerve wracking at first to sleep in the same room with a bunch of people, you will feel a sense of community and feel right at home within no time. Share stories, adventures and head out on adventures together!

6. City Center Locations

Because travelers want to stay within close reach of all that’s happening in the city center, there are usually a ton of options for hostels right in the heart of downtown areas. This makes getting around and exploring all the more better and accessible.

7. Discounted Tickets & Deals

Though not every hostel does this, the majority of them offer their guests discounted tickets to either attractions or transportation! Many hostels are members of the hosteldeals network. Would you use one pass which is valid throughout Europe? For € 9.99 you already have a hosteldeals card that is valid for three months!.

8. Guest Kitchen

If you are trying to save some money, take advantage of the guest kitchens that are usually found in hostels with often pots and pans to borrow as well.

9. Fun Lodging Styles

Out of the thousands of hostels found throughout the world, there are so many cool ones that offer accommodation in places like old castles, boats, tree houses and even caves!

10. Better Nightlife

Hoping to party during your stay? Chances are everyone else in your dorm is to! Head out together and enjoy a fun night out!

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