When it comes to traveling, chances are you are constantly looking for new adventures in all aspects of life. How about taking the grandest adventure of all and dating a local? Here are ten reasons why you should…

1. They’re Hot

Everyone knows that for whatever reason, the men and women in other countries tend to be so much hotter than the ones from back home. Isn’t this a good enough reason alone?

2. Free Tour Guide

Don’t worry about paying for a tour guide when you have a local to show you all of the best spots in town!

3. Free Transportation

Chances are, the local has some means of transportation. So, say goodbye to public buses, trains and taxi rides!

4. Free Language Course

If you and your new love speak both the same and different languages, no need for Rosetta Stone anymore! Free language classes everyday!

5. Instant New Friends

Do you have trouble making new friends abroad? Well, now you don’t have to worry so much about that because your new girlfriend or boyfriend already has some that you can borrow!

6. They Know the Local Treasures

Unlike being simply a tourist or guest in a city, now you get to find out and head to all the local treasures and hidden gems you would have never found if it weren’t for your newfound lover!

7. You Won’t Feel as Homesick

If your local lover lives near his family and frequently visits them, you can join in and forget the days of feeling so homesick!

8. You Will Have Trilingual Kids

If you do end up tying the knot and having children together, guess what? Your kids are going to be WAY ahead of the game compared to other kids and know 2-3 languages!

9. You’ll Make Your Friends Back Home Jealous

Is everyone back home already jealous about all of your adventures you keep posting on Facebook and Instagram? Well, imagine the look on their faces when you update your relationship status and find out you are dating a LOCAL!

10. Your Children Will Be Adorable

Back to the whole cool kids thing, your children you guys end up having together will most likely be the most adorable and cute one in class. Everyone knows that two ethnicities often makes for the most beautiful babies!

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