If you are planning your very first trip to Amsterdam and still aren’t quite sure how to fill your days yet, make sure you add the following places to your list of things to in Amsterdam while there.

1. Anne Frank House

As one of the most visited Amsterdam attractions, the Anne Frank House offers its guests a chance to take step back in time to the darker days of World War II. When you visit this house, you will get to experience an up close and personal look at what her house was like, learn more about her incredible story and how she came to be now known as a hero and highly regarded brave soul. They Anne Frank house is also known because of their long queues (waiting times can vary from 2-4 hours). Book your visit in advance before you come to Amsterdam.

2. Van Gogh Museum

Another extremely popular Amsterdam attraction is the Van Gogh Museum. The Van Gogh Museum is a must for not only all of the art lovers out there but for everyone! With over a million visitors a year, you better believe the trip there is well worth it! You will get the chance to wander about the museum and get a close look at over 200 hundred of paintings, 500 drawings and even 750 personal letters of Van Gogh’s himself. Do you have a Hosteldeals card? Nice! Then you pay only € 15.65 instead of € 17!

3. Ice bar Amsterdam

Ever wanted to sip on your favorite cocktail out of an ice cup and being surrounded by all things ice while being bundled up in complimentary warm winter gear? Well, now you can! Head to the one and only Ice bar Amsterdam where you can do all of that and so much more. With a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and 35 tons of natural ice, this is sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget!

4. Heineken Experience

Have you always love the refreshing and crisp taste that Heineken offers? Well, get the chance to see where it was first made and is still being made today! Join a tour through the process, learn how to pour the perfect draft Heineken, learn the history of the brand and of course sip on a well-deserved Heineken beer. Are you in the possession of a Hosteldeals card? Awesome! Then you pay only € 16.00 instead of € 18!

5. Red Light District Amsterdam

Probably heard a lot about the infamous Red Light District Amsterdam and although interested in heading there but you are still not certain you want to venture out on your own, then consider taking a guided tour! This creates the perfect opportunity to be shown through the district by someone who knows their way around and can offer some interesting insight information on what makes this place so world famous. Pay only € 12,50 instead of € 14,50 (only for the Hosteldeals card holders). Are you not one of our card holders?

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