Hosteldeals is a platform for (young) travelers and their master minds are young travelers as well. This is why we understand the needs that are required for a successful journey. Our staff loves to share their experiences, local knowledge and business network. With this we believe that we can enable you, and your travel buddies, with exploring known and unknown gems in Europe. Above this we think we can make traveling easier, cheaper and more fun for you!

Hosteldeals network

Our Hosteldeals network is one of the main tools to make traveling easier. We wanted to make it clearer, to know what the must-visit hotspots are and were you can find all the fun things to do. Secondly we wanted to make these spots cheaper and so there could be explored more during your journey.

We have build an extensive network of pre selected must-visit hotspots in cities spread over Europe. This includes main attractions, museums, restaurants, disco’s, tours, rentals and many more. Here you can benefit discounts, special deals and even free stuff.

Europe’s largest hostel network

We have also included hostels and other budget accommodations in our Hosteldeals network. Like us, they share the thought of making traveling easier and cheaper. Therefore they provide discounts for those who travels with hostels in the Hosteldeals hostel network.

A sharing community

Hosteldeals knows that you should travel well prepared. That’s why we believe in creating and keeping up a travel guide, with a database of information of your visiting city. Besides our travel guide, we also believe that by having an active community with our community we can contribute travelers with a great journey! Therefore you should definitely take part of our social media accounts.