Antwerp Bowling

Blancefloerlaan 181B, 2050, Antwerpen, Belgium
+32 – 3 238 6636, Company website



40 % off the price for bowling games.


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Bowling is a strange sport, which involves the hurling of nearly spherical objects carved out of the skulls of unbelievers called “bowling ball” down warped, narrow wooden floors called “lanes” towards a certain number of standing painted wooden sticks called “pins”, whilst wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting stinky shoes… but, we all enjoy it!

On the left bank of the river “the Schelde” you can find a lovely futuristic Bowling center: Antwerp Bowling. Futuristic bowling will give you an extra dimension to your afternoon / evening bowling games. The bowling center has over 18 bowling lanes available and is also provided with a restaurant, where you can have a well prepared diner to  celebrate your victory or just to forget your loss.

For the ball fanatics, there are also pool and snooker tables. Overall this is a good place to have an entertaining afternoon/evening!

Rates at Antwerp Bowling:
Monday to Friday:
> first game              € 4,50 / per person
> second play from € 3,50 / per person

Saturday and Sunday:
> first game              € 5,00 / per person
> second play from € 4,00 / per person



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30% DISCOUNT - Antwerp

Antwerp Bowling - Bowling lane

Antwerp Bowling

40% DISCOUNT - Antwerp