Belgian Waffles in Amsterdam

Lindengracht, 1015 KG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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Who doesn’t know what a Belgian waffle is, well for your information… A Belgian waffle  is a flat pastry, made in a waffle iron. Ingredients of an original Belgian waffle are: some flour, milk, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Of course there are a variety of secret recipes. All the ingredients are mixed together, until a ball of dough can be made. This ball of dough will be squeezed between a waffle iron and a few minutes later a delicious Belgian waffle is ready to eat. You can recognize the Belgian waffles by it’s typical checkered pattern. A Belgian waffle can be consumed warm or cold, with some powdered sugar or any other kind of topping.

Belgian waffles have also found their fame in the Netherlands. You will find them at many places, but are at their best when eaten fresh. Hosteldeals has found you a nice spot where they make nice and freshly made Belgian Waffles. Each Saturday you can find the Lindenmarkt, which is located in the Jordaan area. Here, just near Lindengracht number 231, there is a market stall where you can by a waffle with your Hosteldeals Card.




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