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Have you always wanted to fly a Boeing 737? Than you should definitely take a seat at this full motion Boeing 737 simulator. it will be definitely will be an experience you shall not forget! Full motion?! The full motion simulator simulates all real life movements and therefore it is used by professional pilots for training their skills. This simulator simulates all kind of scenarios and locations, such as a rainy day at Schiphol Airport, a sunny day at Sangster International Airport or severe turbulence above the Atlantic Ocean.

The program
A pilot will welcome you with a drink at the location. Along with your drink you will get a theory lesson from a professional pilot! After this theoretically part you can enter the Boeing 737 Flight Simulator and try to take off, stay in the air and perform a safe landing. It is possible to choose from all runways and airports all over the world! After this spectacular flight in the simulator you will receive your flight certificate.

The flight experience includes:
– Coffee, tea or some soda
– 20 minute theory lesson
– 20 minutes in the full motion Boeing 737
– Choice of airports around the world!
– Choose the weather or emergency scenario
– Flight Certificate.

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