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  • Lesson does not include a wet suit (€ 10,00 per day).
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Kitesurfing is a popular and exciting water sport. Necessary attributes are a (kite) board and a huge kite, often 5 – 12 meter in width. The surfer uses the kite to move forward while standing on his board.

All instructors at are personally selected by the Dutch professionals Harry Vogelezang or Daan Hartge and have the necessary certificates. All the instructors also kite themselves on a high level and kite surfing is their passion. The instructors share their passion and experience with you, which makes your surfing lessons so much more fun.

Water sports experience is not required, but could be handy and therefore the basic kitesurfing course is for everyone who has no experience in kite surfing.

The course

The course  starts in the water, where you will learn to control the kite safely. Through different exercises you will be learning to cope with the power of the kite. After these exercises you can have your first attempts on the board .

Content of the course:

– Some theoretically information in advance ;
– Rigging the kite;
– Explanation of the ‘wind window’;
– Learning to deal with the kite through exercises;
– Body dragging;
– First attempts on the board.
– Safety.
– Kite control.

The kitesurfing skills of our instructors will make your kite course at an unforgettable experience!


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