Panorama Mesdag

Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA,The Hague, The Netherlands
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Panorama Mesdag is one of the largest and most beautiful panoramas in the world. A panorama is a cylinder-shaped continuous painting that evokes an almost magical illusion of reality: after passing through a dark corridor and climbing a spiral staircase, visitors suddenly find themselves on the top of the Seinpostduin in Scheveningen as it looked in 1880. The view is endless in all directions. Towards the southwest lies the fishing village with its lighthouse, towards the west we overlook the North Sea and the beach with the “bomschuiten” (flat-bottomed fishing boats). Further towards the north the cavalry are exercising on horseback and we see the fashionable seaside resort, where children are riding donkeys on the beach and the bathing carriages with bathers are being rolled into the sea. In the north lies the still existing “Von Wied” pavilion, while in the background we can distinguish the hotels “Grand Hotel des Bains”, which was to be replaced some years later by the Kurhaus, and “Hotel des Galeries”. From Rotterdam and The Hague the seaside resort was directly accessible by steam train, which is thundering in from the northeast, passing the water tower that still stands there today. In the southeast lies The Hague, which was then separated from Scheveningen by an extensive dune landscape.



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