Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, which is located on the east of Europe. Many people also find this city, one of the best destinations in Europe. You could be wondering: Why?! Below you can find the main reasons to visit Prague.

Prague is not expensive

As many countries in the east of Europe, the Czech Republic is relatively cheap country when you compare this with countries in the west of Europe. Accommodations, food and drinks, and public transport make the city well worth it, to consider for your next trip. Don’t focus to much on the price, because Prague has so much more to offer. But always, be a savvy traveler! You can easily stay in one of the hostels in our hostel network and save huge on your accommodation! This makes you stay longer or see more of Prague.

Charles Bridge is one of the reasons to visit Prague

Illuminated Charles Bridge by night.

City at the river

Prague is situated at the bank of a river, which seems be THE success formula for a lovely city. Just compare Prague with Paris and its Seine river, Budapest and its Danube river, London and its Thames, Berlin and its Spree river and so many other cities. Prague is blessed with a beautiful picturesque river, named the Vltava. Prague citizens see this as the soul of their city, adducing live to Prague. The medieval Charles Bridge with the Baroque statues is one of the landmarks you must have seen on your trip.

The Prague architecture

Prague has a beautiful and romantic architecture, adorning the city center. You can find Romanesque chapels and cellars, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens. Besides these old characteristic sights, Prague also offers modern architecture. Buildings with an Art Nouveau or a Cubist style alternate the streetscape. One of the most impressive modern architectural buildings is the Fred and Ginger building (the dancing house).

More than 200 parks

Prague has a lot of parks and historic gardens. Some of the parks are absolute beautiful and are providing the best views over the city. The first gardens in Prague were the monastic gardens, adjacent to palaces. Later during the Renaissance period came the private gardens with the expensive houses of the elites. Since the parks and gardens were built in different era’s, many of them have a their own unique style.

The views are one of the reasons to visit prague

Awesome view over Prague

The panoramic views

Prague has great views from several points throughout the city. These panoramic views are really breathtaking around the year. Wonderful green colors in the spring and summer, romantic red colors in the fall and atmospheric white in the winter time. From the observation deck on the top of the Old Town Hall tower, you can enjoy a great view over the ancient heat of the city. Enjoy the great view at the roof of St. Vinus Cathedral Tower or on top of the Petřín lookout tower. These lookouts have fairytale-like panoramas when the city gets illuminated.

Beautiful and protected sights

Some of the greatest historical sights have a listing on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This means that these wonderful sights wil be kept well maintained and you can enjoy them for ages! The sights that are listed on the UNESCO’s lists are all located in the historical part of Prague, including the Prague Castle, the Old Town, the Charles Bridge and a lot more.

Their BEERS!

Czech Republic loves beer is for tourists a reason to like Prague as well! People from the Czech Republic are good for drinking more than 150 liters of beer annually. Given this fact it isn’t very strange that they know what beer is. There are a couple of dozens breweries in the country, brewing mostly light beers. They taste very good, especially on a sunny day.
If you are a fan of beer, Prague will fulfill your needs. A 0,3 liter is considered as a small size in Prague, a 0,5 liter beer (named “pivo”) is normal a normal size. It is not very strange that people from Prague are the world’s largest beer consumers… Perhaps because a pivo only cost about € 1,50. Off the beaten track you probably can find a pivo for approximately € 1,00! Enjoy your trip 😉

Party in a nuclear bunker

Prague has a vibrant nightlife, offering plenty of good clubs. The biggest clubs are often the most popular ones, which causes a long queue to get in. Especially when you try to access them after midnight. Waiting in line mostly will satisfy your party needs. Their are many likeminded party people inside and often parties end when the sun rises up (about 6 or 7 AM). Besides these popular clubs there are also many cool bars, to enjoy some drinks and (live) music. But there is more… When communism fell in the Czech Republic, a lot of bunkers became useless. Among these bunkers is also the: “Bunkr Parukarka”, a bunker that needed to protect the Prague citizens from a nuclear attack. Luckily this dark bunker has got a more peaceful function as it provides a lot of thundering fun. Nowadays this former nuclear bunker has transformed into a cool underground club. Since there are no complaining neighbors, the DJ’s can play out loud from sunset to sunrise!

The music

There is so much music to enjoy in Prague…, Dance on modern music in the many venues, or classical and jazz music in pubs. Prague is an inspiring city for some great componist’s, like Mozart. Mozart regularly stayed in the city and composed here, some of his memorable classical masterpieces. Besides this, each summer, Prague is the stage for THE musical festival with different genres. This international music festival is called: “United Islands festival” and many (classical) music performers from all over Europe come and play here.

Prague makes you feel young again

Feel young in Prague

To feel young again

Prague has some attractions that can be quite entertaining and will make you feel young again. The Prague Zoo is a large zoo of approx. 60 hectares, taking care for about 4300 animals. The zoo is very diverse with approx. 630 different animals, and has different kind of landscaping. Besides the zoo the Toy Museum can bring back some nice teenage memories. The museum has a collection of historical toys from around the world, from the 18th to the 20th century. The exhibition includes old Märklin model trains and accessories, model airplanes, trains and cars, and a collection of Barbie dolls.


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