Dam Square

Dam Square is a jam-packed square in just a 5 minute walk from Centraal Station Amsterdam but is commonly referred as The Dam that dates all the way back to the year 1270. It was built as an actual dam that formed the first connection between the settlements on the sides of the Amstel River. With continuous building up, it eventually became so large to be referred to as a town square, which is how the town around it came to be so well developed.
Today, Dam Square serves as one of the most popular places to go wandering about, eat, explore and shop around. The dam is also the starting point of several walking tours in the city as well. There are several museums and well-noted attractions within Dam Square that help to lure tourists in during their visit to Amsterdam. Without doubt, of all the attractions in Dam Square, Royal Palace of Amsterdam is quite literally the jewel in the crown. Dam Square is now considered as  “the national” square that not only the people of Amsterdam recognize but also people throughout the entire Netherlands do as well. On the south side of Dam Square stands the controversially phallic National Memorial Statue, erected in memory of Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died in World War 2.
There are frequently events being held in the square. Two of the most popular events throughout the year would be each year on May 4th when the Dutch celebrate National Monument Day in observance of those fall in World War 2 as well as the funfair that occurs several times of the year, including King’s Day.

Other must-sees around Dam Square are Amsterdam Museum, the New Church and the Beurs van Berlage, an old Stock Exchange building now used as a concert hall and an exhibition space (located behind the Bijenkorf departement store).

Dam Square in brief

Place 750 meter walk from Centraal Station Amsterdam
When 1270
Locally Known As The Dam
Admission FREE


Did you know that it was originally named Dam due to the fact that it was indeed first built as a functioning dam of the Amstel River?


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