National Monument

The National Monument on Dam Square (in the opposite of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam) is the most important monument to commemorate the Second World War in the Netherlands. The National Monument is build in the year 1952 and consists of a pylon with images and a memorial wall with reliefs. The national monument was not finished until May 4, 1956 where it was completed and dedicated by Queen Juliana. It serves as a memorial to all of the victims of World War 2 and as a monument to liberation and peace as well.
Standing over 72 feet tall, the monument features four male figures, a woman and a child along with two men with dogs. These help to represent respectively war, peace and resistance. Each year on the 4th of May, the Dutch Monarch and current king (King Willem Alexander) place wreaths around the monument and proceed to observe the annual two-minute silence so as to honor and remember those who had fallen in World War 2.
Today, the National Monument is a place within the popular gathering point of Dam Square and is within 750 meters from Centraal Station Amsterdam, where both locals and tourists come to marvel at its immense structural beauty, take pictures and commune together on its steps. It provides a place where people can not only remember those were lost in the war but also a place to gather, have lunch and enjoy its overall beauty.

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National Monument in brief

Place Dam, 1012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
When 1952
Locally Known As Nederlands Nationaal Monument
Admission FREE


Did you know that the height of the National Monument is over 72 feet tall?


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