Botanical garden Antwerp

Tags: Belgium , Antwerp , Park

What : Garden
When : 1825
Where : Leopoldstraat 24, 2000 Antwerpen
Admission : Free
Locally known as : Den Botaniek / Plantentuin / Kruidtuin
Trivia : Did you know the garden has the size of almost an acre?


The Botanical Garden Antwerp along Leopoldstraat is a unique green haven in the city centre. It is a world in one garden, exceptional trees and shrubs, 2000 herbs, cactuses and foreign plants will inspire the plant fundi. Built almost 200 years ago. In the early years it was the medical garden (Pharmacist Peter Coudenberghe (1517-1599) presented a unique herbal and botanical garden) of the nearby Saint Elisabeth hospital. Since 1926, the garden is under the administration of the city council. Today, the garden is a protected landscape and popular among the locals. A small pond with large goldfish and a nearby sculpture decorate the charming garden.

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