Font Magica

Font Magica, built in 1928 and located in Barcelona at the foot of Montjuïc. Carles Büigas, the designer of Font Magica was in fact constructed in the location of The Four Columns but later demolished under the rule of Prime Minister Migel Primo de Rivera.

Font Magica Barcelona was re-built in its current location just in time for the start of the Exposition. The first fountain show took place just one day before the Exhibition on May 19, 1929 and is now considered to be a main attraction in this part of Barcelona.

The fountains have undergone several different changes throughout the years including incorporated music with the light show, which was done in preparation for the 1992 Summer Olympics. These musical fountain performances take place at half-hour intervals every weekend and include different types of music.

People gather around the fountain not only every weekend but also every night as they watch in awe and wonder at the pure beauty of each performance. It is an attraction that will undoubtedly keep bringing in guests and visitors from all over the world.

Font Magica in brief

Place Placa de Carles Buigas, 08038, Montjuic – Barcelona, Spain
When 1929
Locally Known As Màgic Fountain of Montjuic
Admission Free


Did you know that “they” thought, Font Magica was way too ambitious? They thought they had no time to accomplish it.



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