Montjuic Castle

Montjuic Castle is an old military fortress currently serving as a Barcelona municipal facility, built on top of Montjuic hill in Barcelona. The roots of Montjuic Castle date back to the year 1640. It saw its first battle in January of 1641 during the Catalan Revolt and although enduring many kings and battles thereafter, it has now become a loved and most notable landmark of Barcelona.

With easy access making use of the Montjuic cable car, Montjuic funicular or the Barcelona Metro, visitors are able to explore the grounds of this beautiful structure. Walk underneath the bridge and find yourself surrounded by glorious gardens breathing in the aroma of sweet and beautiful flowers and plant life.

If you are hoping to head inside the castle, it is advised that you sign up for a group tour where you will not only be able to get an up close and personal look at all that the castle offers but gain more knowledge as well. The very knowledgeable guides can help for you to experience the most out of this historic and impressive landmark and have you walking away with not only some incredible pictures but also a newfound respect for such an amazing attraction.

Montjuic Castle in brief

Place Ctra. De Montjuic 66, 08083, Barcelona, Spain
When 1640
Locally Known As Castell de Montjuïc

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Adult – 4 Euro

HERE (Montjuïc Cable Car Ride: Return)


Did you know that it wasn’t until 1694 that it actually became a castle?


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