Park Guell

Park Guell is a city park in Barcelona. The construction of Park Guell began in 1900 and was not completed until 1914 and then after another 12 years passed, it became a public park in the year 1926. It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout Barcelona where people from all over the world come to marvel at its immense beauty.

Set up as a planned community headed by Antoni Gaudi and Eusebi Güell, Park Guell is a place filled with unique, funky and crazy-looking buildings and structures scattered throughout. There is immense detail in nearly every corner and piece of each of them, making it a true wonder to be able to see and experience up close.

Guests are able to wander about the park, grab snacks at the on-site café, take in stunning views of the city and even explore one of the homes in the park. There are also street performers, musicians and entertainers that you are sure to come across during your visit to the wondrous place.

It is an attraction unlike any other in the world and a place where you are able to see how a unique idea like the one both Gaudi and Güell had can turn into something so much more than they probably ever thought possible. This is a definite must-see while exploring beautiful Barcelona.

Park Guell in brief

Place Carrer d’Olot s/n, 08024, Barcelona, Spain
When 1926
Locally Known As Park Güell or Gaudi’s Park

BUY your Ticket
BUY your Tour Ticket

Adult – 9 Euro // Child – 4.90 Euro // Senior – 4.90 Euro

HERE (Park Güell Admission Ticket)
HERE (Skip The Line: Park Güell Guided Walking Tour)


Did you know that the plans of Park Guell were never entirely finished?


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