Jubelpark is a park in the Belgian capital Brussels. If you don’t recognize the name Jubelpark, then you may recognize Parc du Cinquantenaire, as it is the exact same place and popular with both titles. It is a completely public and urban park that spreads out over a total of 30 hectares in the easternmost part of the European Quarter within Brussels. Although it was originally used as a military exercise ground, King Leopold II commissioned the land be turned into a park for the 50th anniversary of Belgian Independence and in particular for the 1880 National Exhibition.

Throughout the years, the U-shaped complex began constructing various beautiful buildings with the centerpiece being the triumphal arch, erected in the year 1905. The structures were all built of iron, stone and glass that helped to symbolize the economic and industrial performance of Belgium as a whole. The Royal Military Museum is one of the most popular buildings along with Cinquantenaire museum and the AutoWorld Museum in the southern part of the park. Jubelpark houses also the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, the Great Mosque of Brussels and the Brussels Green Service.

As of 1930, the government decided to turn the park into a complete leisure park where both visitors and locals of the country can come and enjoy its beautiful grounds and the buildings that reside within its many hectares. It is a fabulous place to wander about and enjoy while exploring Brussels and makes for the perfect outing for sightseeing travelers.

Jubelpark in brief

Place 1000 Brussels, Belgium
When 1880
Locally Known As Jubelpark
Admission FREE


Did you know that the park was originally part of a military exercise ground??



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