Town Hall

The Town Hall of Brussels is located at the Grand Place (Grote Markt), near the Sint Pieters church in Brussels, right between the Fonske (statue) at the Grand Place and the old market. This Gothic building from the Middle Ages has a unique structure from the exterior to the interior. Though the first wing was completed in 1420, it took several years of adding additional wings and parts of the building which are now visible.

The most obvious feature of the Town Hall is its tall tower that stretches 96 meters (310 feet) into the sky, making it all the more pleasurable to the eye and intriguing. On the very tip top of the tower, you will see a 5-meter-high gilt metal statue of archangel Michael, who was a patron saint of Brussels, slaying a devil or dragon.

The front façade of the building is decorated with several statues that all represent either nobles, allegorical figures or saints. These are in fact reproductions of the originals, as those are held at the city museum in the “King’s House” across the Grand Palace.

Taking a guided tour of the Town Hall, you will be able to learn more about the rich history of the building itself, admire its unique décor and find out what goes on there and what exactly makes it so significant.

Town Hall in brief

Place Grand Palace, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
When 1420
Locally Known As Stadhuis

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Did you know that it took a total of 18 years to build the first wing from 1402-1420??



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