Retiro Park Madrid

Retiro Park Madrid, also called El Retiro is a park in the Spanish capital Madrid. Up until the late 19th century, the park area completely belonged to the Spanish Monarchy. It stretches out over a total of 1.4 kilometers making it the largest in all of Madrid. Located at the edge of the city center and extremely close to both Puerta de Alcala and the Prado Museum, it is extremely easy to find as it is both enormous and there are plenty of signs pointing to it.

While there, guests can enjoy a large number of things to see, do and discover. It is filled with beautiful sculptures and monument scattered throughout along with a lot of galleries, a lake and several fun events that take place throughout the year. Surrounded on the outside by the present-day city, this huge park is extremely unique as not many cities have this large of a park located right in its center.

Other fantastic aspects that you can enjoy while at El Retiro include a very large artificial pond that is located more towards the northern entrance, a rose garden with the Fountain of the Fallen Angel right inside it, several museums to explore and of course the popular Royal Palace statues of the kings that were sculpted between 1750 and 1753.

Retiro Park Madrid in brief

Place Edge of the city center and very close to Puerta de Alcala in Madrid, Spain
When 19th century
Locally Known As El Retiro
Admission FREE


Did you know that the park is the largest one throughout all of Madrid, Spain 1993?


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