Temple of Debod

Temple of Debod is a donated Egyptian temple in the Spanish capital Madrid, and located in the Parque del Oeste. The temple of Debod in Madrid Spain was dedicated to the god Amon of Nubia. This Egyptian temple dates all the way back to the 2nd Century when it was originally built 15 kilometers south of Aswan in southern Egypt, which is very close to the Nile River. The Kushite king of Meroe began its construction and dedicated the first single room chapel to the god Amun and with its procession, there were then the creations of massive columns, stone pylon gateways and the temple itself.

Due to the constant threats being brought on to the site in the year 1960, the Egyptian state that it resided in along with UNESCO, made an international call to save the legacy. The temple was then donated to Spain in 1968 and was rebuilt in one of Spain’s most beautiful parks, the West Park, which is near the Royal Palace and Plaza Espana Square.

With free admission, the temple is easily accessible and open to the public for anyone who want so marvel at its intricate detail and massive features. It is a truly beautiful wonder that is not to be missed while visiting Madrid.

Temple of Debod in brief

Place Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid, Spain
When 2nd Century
Locally Known As Temple of Debod Madrid Spain
Admission FREE


Did you know that Egypt dedicated the temple to Spain in order to save it??



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