Notre Dame

Notre Dame is one of the top attractions on the lle de la Cite, in the center of Paris. Located on the eastern half of the lle de la Cite and right on the river of its southern façade, it is easy to find and typically always busy.

Though the construction of Notre Dame began in the year 1163, the cathedral was in fact not completed until later in the year 1345. Spread out over a total of 128 meters (420 feet) in length, 48 meters (157 feet) in width and 69 meters (226 feet) in height of its two separate towers, it is an incredibly impressive structure with detail only to be described by those who have seen it up close.

Its magnificent beauty in its architecture, its surroundings and its interior all help to make it one of the most visited sites throughout the world. Making your way up the 387 steps, you will find yourself amongst a building that is immensely rich in history, heritage and religion. Although it is free to enter, you can make donations while in there.

It is also possible to explore the Towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is a stunning Gothic masterpiece! Take your time and marvel at all of the little details on the walls, the pianos, the chambers and its overall ambiance that continues to lure people in day in and day out in beautiful Paris, France. Enjoy panoramic views of Paris from the summit of the Towers and see the famous gargoyles perched on the Towers-including the famous Stryge

Notre Dame in brief

Place 6 Parvis Notre-Dame- place Jean Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
When 1163
Locally Known As Notre Dame Cathedral
Admission Notre-Dame Cathedral Towers Day Ticket

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€ 10,50



Did you know that its name is French for, ‘Our Lady of Paris’?



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