Market Hall Rotterdam

Tags: Netherlands , Rotterdam , Building

What : Building
When : 2014
Where :  Dominee Jan Scharpstraat, 3011 GZ Rotterdam
Admission : Free
Locally Known As : Markthal / Koopboog
Trivia : Did you know an artwork of 11.000 sqm adorns the inner facade of the building?


The Market Hall in Rotterdam is a building in which various functions: living, shopping and a market hall are combined. The Market Hall in Rotterdam is a new building (completed in 2014) and is located between the streets Binnenrotte, Hoogstraat and Blaak. Since it’s establishment the market hall in Rotterdam is populair under local people and it is a popular landmark for tourists.
The building houses has 228 apartments, 4,600square meters of retail space and 1,600 square meters of hospitality space and a parking garage for more than a thousand cars.

On the inside of the Market Hall there has made a huge work of art, that adorns the inner facade and is named: “Hoorn des Overvloeds” (Cornucopia).

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