Why to list my hostel on Hosteldeals?

There are so many hostel booking sites and that’s why you probably ask yourself: Why should I list my Hostel on the Hosteldeals website?

We don't charge any commission

As a hostels it is completely FREE for you to join Hosteldeals! So, not any hostel listed on Hosteldeals pays any commission, registration costs, advertisement costs to us, or what so ever. As a hostel in the Hosteldeals network we only ask you to provide a great deal to the card users, which are mainly young travelers/backpackers.

Your guests will not pay booking costs

We don’t compensate this loss of fees, with booking costs for your guest. The guests, coming through the Hosteldeals network, shall not pay any booking costs or what so ever.

Improve your margin

All involved parties are winners in the network: hostels don’t pay commissions over the bookings and guests don’t pay any booking fees. What makes it even more attractive, is that you can improve your margin. We give hostels the opportunity to offer the card to their guests and by this they earn the provided discount back.

Hostels can either actively refer their guests to the Hosteldeals card to make sale. Besides this, it is also possible to take part as an affiliate of the network. With this you can passively refer visitor of your website to the Hosteldeals card and we can track all sales off these forwarded visitors.

N.B. We can provide several promotional materials, such as: posters, check-in flyers, window stickers, digital promos, etc.

It works very easy

We aren’t again another booking system, so you don’t have to manage another channel separately again. Instead we support direct bookings and shall make use of existing technology you’re used to.

My Allocator
We’re in the process of integrating MyAllocator (channel manager that manages your bed for all your channels). As a user of this channel manager, you can just add us as a channel and adjust your price.

Existing booking engine
When your current booking engine accepts discount/promo codes, we can easily work with a promocode for your guests.

Reservation form
When none of the above mentioned applies on your hostel, it is also possible to work with our reservation form. Guests shall use this form to check availability and to perform a booking in your hostel. For this we kindly ask you or your staff to confirm these requests manually. In case any deposit is applied, we also ask you to arrange this with your guests directly.

For walk-ins we only ask you to check the name and validity date on the card. When this date is expired there is for you a chance to compensate your margin again 😉

We are not driven by money

Hosteldeals isn’t in the hands of investors, which means that our main goal isn’t about increasing money rapidly.

Hosteldeals is initiated by former travelers and is developed for travelers. As travelers we hated to use all those different cards for each city. Above al we wanted to extend our trip as long as we could and obviously the way to get this done, is by saving money.

Help the travelers and yourself

Get less independent of large booking sites and help travelers extending their trip.

Tourism shouldn’t only be about money… Traveling is about experiences, so help your guest with it!


How to connect your MyAllocator account to Hosteldeals? Follow this link…